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Using science to empower youth collaboration and anti-COVID action in their communities



Lovely Warren, Mayor of City of Rochester, NY

We need you to be involved in this fight against COVID-19. Your voices are powerful and we need you to use those powerful voices throughout our city. We need you to take what you are learning in class and help others  understand the importance of  wearing a mask, social distancing, avoiding large groups of people, and all of the other recommendations

Dr. Michael Mendoza, Commissioner of Public Health for Monroe County

Now, more than ever, we need to hear from you, the young people in our community. You and your friends and your families, you all play a critical role in helping keep everyone safe from the COVID-19 virus. Your choices matter.

Youth as Science Advocates


See how youth are collaborating and taking action against the spread of COVID, and get involved!

Use #covidxus on Instagram

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